Panama City Beach, FL, United States

Experienced instructional designer with 20 years of expertise in tech and healthcare, adept in stakeholder management and course creation

Notable Clients

  • Dell Technologies
  • Windstream
  • University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Primary Roles

  • Instructional Designer
  • eLearning Developer
  • Learning Technology Specialist
  • eLearning Examples

    • eLearning Development
  • Portfolio Website (Includes eLearning and video examples)

    This is a portfolio of past work that includes products and solutions training, multimedia development, video production and more. View More
    • eLearning Development
    • Adobe
    • Content Creation Tools
    • +13 more
  • s3
  • Safety Training

    This was a series of courses designed around workplace safety. The client liked the interaction in the courses. I also had to graphically represent people and places rather than use photography. View More
  • s3
  • Video Series - 1

    This is a video series I created, designed and produced. These were short videos focusing on a single topic. It was meant to be high-energy and engaging. We recorded SMEs over Zoom and added the graphics and other fun elements to bring it to life. View More
  • s3
  • Sales Training

    This is another example where I created a highly interactive course where a seller communicated through email, over the phone and in text. They have to answer questions in several places and are provided feedback along the way. View More
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  • Online Course - Text Interaction

    How do people communicate these days? Text of course! You would be surprised how many deals are done over text. So in addition to building out content around the product, I built in interactions where a seller communicated with a customer over text. View More
  • s3
  • Online Course - Product Overview

    I designed this course using a dashboard so learners of any level could jump immediately to the content they wanted to view or right into a customer scenario. The customer scenarios are set up so that rather than "incorrect/correct", a customer satisfaction meter indicates how the conversation is going. View More
    Showing 1 - 2 Work Samples
    • Custom eLearning Course Design

      With 20 years of experience and expertise in tools like Storyline, I can design effective and engaging custom eLearning courses tailored to your needs.

    • Instructional Video Production

      Leveraging my background in video production and instructional design, I can create engaging and informative instructional videos for your organization.

    • Curriculum Development

      I've successfully designed curricula in diverse sectors like technology and healthcare. Let me create a comprehensive and effective curriculum for your team.

    • SharePoint Site Management

      Having managed SharePoint sites at Dell, I can efficiently organize and curate your digital training resources making them easily accessible to your team.

    • Project and Stakeholder Management

      Working with diverse stakeholders at Dell, I've developed skills to manage projects efficiently and align interests, ensuring the success of your training initiative.

    • Sales Training

      Having developed sales training in my corporate career, I can create tailored training programs that will boost your sales team's performance and confidence.

    • Onboarding Programs

      Make your new hires productive quickly with my onboarding programs, developed based on my years of experience in creating effective and engaging learning experiences.

    • Healthcare Training

      With my early experience in the medical field, I can build healthcare courses, from filming surgeries to creating LMS, for your healthcare institution.

    • In-person Workshops

      My expertise isn't limited to eLearning. I can develop and facilitate in-person workshops for your team based on tried and tested adult learning principles.

    • Content Conversion

      Allow me to transform your existing content like meeting notes, PowerPoints, whitepapers into visually stunning eLearning courses for an impactful learning experience.

    • Extensive experience in content development

      With over 20 years of experience in designing and developing learning content across various fields, this expert has extensive knowledge and skills in the eLearning industry.

    • Strong background in technology and healthcare

      Having worked at Dell Technologies and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, this expert is highly knowledgeable in both the technology and healthcare sectors.

    • Experienced with a wide range of training tools and methods

      This expert is proficient in a wide range of professional tools like Storyline, Camtasia, and SharePoint, and has experience in various training methods such as eLearning, Gamification, and Virtual Instructional Led Training.

    Experienced Instructional Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the technology and healthcare industry. Skilled in providing innovative and personalized learning to enable team members to become productive quickly, master their roles, and prepare for future opportunities.

    • Curriculum Development at Dell Technologies

      As a Consultant/Sr Instructional Designer at Dell Technologies, I curated and created curricula for the Cloud Services program. I also worked with cross-function stakeholders to develop e-learning and video courses. My role also involved managing the implementation of online learning communities for sellers.

    • Engaging E-learning Modules for Windstream University

      During my tenure as a Sr Consultant at Windstream, I produced engaging, interactive online e-learning modules. These included courses in leadership development, onboarding, hiring practices, annual reviews, and software skills. I also managed the primary internal communication platform.

    • Telehealth Education at University of Arkansas

      As a Sr Instructional Designer at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, I managed the development and delivery of all educational content for the South Central Telehealth Resource Center. This involved working with internal and external clients to develop custom needs-based curricula.

    • Product Overview Course

      In a project, I designed an online course using a dashboard for learners to quickly access the content they needed. This involved creating customer scenarios where a customer satisfaction meter indicated the conversation progress instead of the usual 'correct/incorrect' approach.

    • Sales Training Instructional Design

      For a sales training course, I designed a highly interactive learning experience wherein a seller communicated through email, phone, and text. The learners had to answer questions in several places and were provided feedback along the way.

    • Video Series Production

      I created, designed, and produced a video series that focused on single topics. These short, high-energy, and engaging videos were recorded with SMEs over Zoom, and additional graphics and other elements were added to bring them to life.

    • Safety Training Course Design

      For a series of courses designed around workplace safety, I incorporated high interaction and graphic representation of people and places rather than photography, which was appreciated by the client.

    • eLearning Examples

      As a seasoned eLearning developer, I've had the opportunity to create various learning experiences across industry and content topics. These examples showcase my skills in eLearning development, using a variety of tools and methodologies to drive learning outcomes.


      Dell Technologies Jun 2015 - Jul 2022

      • Curated and created curricula for the Cloud Services curriculum
      • Worked with stakeholders to design and develop e-learning and video courses for sellers
      • Worked with large groups of senior-level cross-BU stakeholders to develop training sessions and direct the efforts of other instructional designers for high priority in-person and online events
      • Managed the implementation of online learning communities for sellers
      • Initiated and obtained buy-in for new innovative video series that supported key portfolios
      • Developed programs to support team members in the instructional design and development process


      Windstream Oct 2013 - Jun 2015

      • Produce engaging interactive, on-line e-learning modules for Windstream University including courses in leadership development, onboarding, hiring practices, annual reviews and software skills
      • Online Community Manager for primary internal communication platform (Jive)
      • Facilitate connection among members, guide space development and ongoing moderation, response and escalation of community activity
      • Provide reports to senior management, curate, manage and share content of interest to members
      • Design graphics, illustrations, animation, and navigation elements that ensure quality interactive experiences
      • Develop effective employee communication strategies and tactics to drive engagement, advance the company’s vision and cultural values and support change management


      University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Dec 2008 - Oct 2013

      Held several progressively responsible positions which involved the following:

      • Managed development and delivery of all educational content for the South Central Telehealth Resource Center, working with internal and external clients to develop custom needs-based curricula based on adult learning principles
      • Assisted in the development of an online community focused on telehealth education
      • Implemented weekly webinars, teaching faculty specific features on education software and technology
      • Directed work for Instructional Designers to ensure proper application of learning theories and adherence to standard instructional design processes for deliverables
      • Worked with a team to implement the new learning management system
      • Presented at national strategic planning meetings and conferences

    • Tools

      • Blended Learning
      • Camtasia
      • Canva
      • Documentation
      • eLearning
      • +5 more
    • Industries

      • Education
      • Construction & Manufacturing
      • Healthcare & Wellness
      • Tech
      • Transportation & Logistics
      • +4 more
    • Training methods

      • E-Learning
      • Gamification
      • Learning Videos
      • Microlearning
      • Mobile Learning
      • +13 more
    • Languages

      • English
    • Subject Matter

      • Sales Training
      • Company Culture Training
      • Employee Engagement
      • Workplace Etiquette
      • Financial Training
      • +12 more