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What is LHQ?

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    Leverage the power of
    500+ L&D leaders

    Membership limited to Chief Learning Officers,
    and Heads/Directors of Training
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    Expert-led roundtables
    and workshops

    Learn how your peers are adapting in the age of
    AI through expert-led discussions and workshops
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    Exclusive data, benchmarking, 

    and surveys

    Access everything from actionable AI
    strategies to benchmark vendor pricing

Build your braintrust
of peer leaders

Find answers from peers you can trust on everything from the
strategic to the tactical. Ask questions. Get real time answers.

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roundtables & Workshops

Learn the skills you need to succeed in 2024

Join expert-led roundtables and workshops on pressing topics and in-demand skills. Our programming is designed to help you be the most innovative in the industry.

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exclusive data & benchmarking

Stay at the forefront
of the industry

Access the data you need to make informed decisions. Everything from benchmark vendor pricing to average ROI metrics are at your fingertips.

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