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The world’s best training experts The world’s best training experts

The Learnexus Screening Process

Our rigorous screening process identifies the best-in-industry training experts.

Step 1

Individual assessment

We have hundreds of applications every month. As a first step, we conduct an individual assessment by reviewing their CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and online presence. Fifty percent of the applicants pass to the next step.

Individual assessment
Step 2

Full skills & work history evaluation

At this stage, we evaluate the depth of knowledge of the applicants in different industries and subject matters. We also evaluate the past projects they've worked on. After this step, roughly 40% of applicants advance in the process.

Full skills & work history evaluation
Step 3


Each candidate is interviewed by our talent screeners, who are experts in their functional domain. Our screeners provide specific live exercises, evaluating communication skills, personality, punctuality, and dependability. After this step, about 3% of the original applicants are selected.

Live<br> interview
Step 4


Beyond the initial approval process, we also personally review every single proposal that the client receives. We approve proposals that have the relevant skills, knowledge, and past industry experience.

Proposal<br> review
Step 5

Continued evaluation

We continuously monitor our talent's performance. We ask our clients for feedback continuously to ensure a track record of excellence. We also recognize our talent with badges for outstanding accomplishments.

Continued evaluation

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