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Director, Global Sales Learning

Washington, United States

Open to freelancing

I've worked with:
  • Trustwave,
  • The Kraft Heinz Company,
  • Groupon,
  • kate spade,
  • Bloomingdale's
I am fluent in:
  • English

My training approach is focused on results; identifying gaps in performance, tying training directly to desired business outcomes, and consistently measuring training impact to continue to improve and refine content and delivery.

As a Sales Trainer and Management Coach I am passionate about working with executive leadership and selling professionals to create and develop their sales process and methodology, helping others to hit and exceed their goals, and facilitating cross-company communications to improve interdepartmental collaboration and productivity. I have an extensive background in classroom education, content creation and implementation, coaching, and talent development.

As a Selling Professional I have over nine years'​ experience in retail and inside sales, and account management. I posses an innate ability to build strong client relationships through varied outreach, strong interpersonal skills, and excellent customer service.

I also have an interest in the arts including writing, improvisation, and theatre performance. I was a professional voiceover artist for five years, and a member of SAG/AFTRA. I have performed in numerous theaters in Chicago, including the iO Theater, and Second City's Donny's Skybox and deMaat Theatres.

Additional skills include: public speaking, group facilitation, Sandler selling, IT/Cloud/Managed services selling, classroom management, learner engagement, career & life coaching, organization & planning, growing people and talent, and program development.

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Erin’s superpower: “Passionate Sales Trainer & Coach with Impeccable work history”

This freelancer has 7+ years in this industry.

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This freelancer submitted extra work samples that you can request to view.