5 Ways to Revamp Your Outdated eLearning Courses: A Guide for Fortune 500 Employees

Lauren Goff
L&D Specialist
5 Ways to Revamp Your Outdated eLearning Courses: A Guide for Fortune 500 Employees

Imagine you’re a Fortune 500 employee, tasked with the responsibility of revamping your company’s eLearning courses. You realize that some of the courses have become outdated and no longer serve their purpose. You know it’s time for a change, but where do you start?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are five ways to update your outdated eLearning courses and bring them up to speed.

1. Conduct a thorough content audit

The first step in updating your eLearning courses is to assess the current state of your content. This involves reviewing all your courses and identifying areas that are out of date, irrelevant, or no longer meet the needs of your organization. As one L&D professional puts it, “It’s like spring cleaning for your digital learning content.”

2. Update the course design and user experience

When was the last time you refreshed the look and feel of your eLearning courses? Modern learning platforms prioritize user experience and a visually appealing design that keeps learners engaged. Ditch the clunky navigation, dated graphics, and lackluster layouts, and opt for a more intuitive and engaging design.

3. Implement microlearning and mobile optimization

Today’s workforce is constantly on-the-go, and employees expect to access learning materials anytime, anywhere. By breaking down your courses into bite-sized microlearning modules, you can provide a more convenient and efficient learning experience. Additionally, ensure that your courses are mobile-optimized so learners can easily access them from their smartphones or tablets.

4. Integrate social learning and collaboration features

Learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Encourage collaboration and social learning by integrating interactive elements like discussion boards, quizzes, and group projects into your courses. As another L&D professional states, “When employees can share knowledge and learn from one another, it fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement.”

5. Incorporate real-world examples and scenarios

One of the most effective ways to make your eLearning courses more impactful is to incorporate real-world examples and scenarios. This helps learners understand the practical application of the skills and knowledge they’re acquiring, and reinforces their relevance to their day-to-day work.

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