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Improved Training Effectiveness and Global Consistency with Learnexus

Wella, a leading company in the beauty industry, faced the challenge of delivering effective and consistent training to their global teams. They turned to Learnexus and hired a team of freelancers to tackle this issue. The Learnexus platform provided them with access to a pool of training professionals who had a deep understanding of Wella's product line and industry.

The freelance team worked closely with Wella to develop and deliver training content that was tailored to the specific needs of different departments across the organization. They ensured that the content was relevant, up-to-date, and aligned with the rapid advancements in the beauty industry. The freelancers also helped Wella overcome cross-cultural and language barriers, ensuring clear and consistent communication of training materials across different geographies.

The results of this collaboration were outstanding. Wella saw a significant improvement in the effectiveness of their training initiatives, with employees reporting higher engagement and retention rates. The tailored training approach helped each department meet their unique needs while maintaining consistency and effectiveness. Wella was also able to track the impact of their training efforts using Learnexus, enabling them to measure the ROI of their Learning & Development initiatives and ensure they were contributing to the company's overall performance and growth.

35% higher retention rates

40% improved training effectiveness
30% ROI growth

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