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Creating an Effective Infor ERP Training Program: Everything you Need to Know

Picture this: your business is growing, and with it comes the need to streamline operations and increase efficiency. To achieve this, you've decided to implement Infor ERP, an industry-leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. But to make the most out of this powerful tool, you need top-quality Infor ERP Training. In this guide, we'll explore common questions, training deliverables, industries that require this training, and roles associated with Infor ERP Training, as well as how to effectively hire and deliver it.

FAQs on Infor ERP Training

What is Infor ERP Training?

Infor ERP Training is the process of teaching employees how to use and get the most out of Infor's suite of ERP solutions. This can include learning about its functionalities, best practices, and tips for customization to best suit your organization's needs.

Why is effective Infor ERP Training important?

Proper Infor ERP Training ensures that your employees can use the system to its fullest potential, optimizing business processes and promoting efficiency. Inadequate training can lead to confusion, underutilization, and even costly mistakes in managing your company's vital resources.

What industries require Infor ERP Training?

Industries such as manufacturing, distribution, retail, automotive, aerospace, and hospitality can greatly benefit from Infor ERP Training. These industries have complex operations and require robust management solutions to stay competitive and maximize profits.

Common Training Deliverables

  1. Hands-on training sessions with Infor ERP experts
  2. Customized training materials tailored to your organization's needs
  3. Workshops on specific Infor ERP features and functionalities
  4. Post-training support and ongoing learning resources

Training Roles Relevant to Infor ERP

Key roles involved in delivering Infor ERP Training include:

  • Infor ERP trainers with deep knowledge of the system and industry-specific experience
  • Instructional designers to create customized training materials
  • Project managers to oversee the training process and ensure timely completion

Hiring for Infor ERP Training Roles

When hiring for Infor ERP Training roles, look for candidates with:

  1. Extensive experience working with Infor ERP systems
  2. Strong communication and teaching skills
  3. An understanding of your industry's unique challenges and requirements

Building and Delivering Effective Infor ERP Training

To build and deliver effective Infor ERP Training, you should:

  1. Assess your organization's specific needs and learning objectives
  2. Partner with an experienced training provider, like Learnexus, that specializes in Infor ERP Training
  3. Create customized training materials and hands-on learning experiences
  4. Monitor progress and gather feedback to improve future training sessions

In conclusion, effective Infor ERP Training is crucial for any organization implementing Infor's ERP solutions. By hiring the right talent, creating tailored training materials, and delivering engaging learning experiences, you can ensure that your employees are well-equipped to harness the power of Infor ERP and drive your business towards greater success.


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