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How to Hire Freelancers with Expertise in Thought Industries

If you're looking to create and deliver top-notch training content, Thought Industries is one option you should consider. As a powerful Learning Experience Platform (LXP), it provides an extensive range of features to help companies build, manage, and scale their training programs. In this FAQ, we'll be discussing common training deliverables, topics, roles, contractor and freelancer types, and how to effectively hire and utilize Thought Industries to build your training programs. So, buckle up and let's dive in!

What are common training deliverables produced with Thought Industries?

Thought Industries allows you to create compelling training materials such as eLearning courses, interactive quizzes, assessments, and certifications. Additionally, you can produce engaging multimedia content like videos, webinars, and podcasts to provide rich learning experiences that cater to different learner preferences.

What types of training topics can be produced with Thought Industries?

From software onboarding to management training, Thought Industries is versatile enough to handle a wide array of training topics. For instance, companies can use the platform to create content on customer service, sales enablement, product knowledge, compliance, and even soft skills development. The possibilities are endless!

What roles within companies might use Thought Industries?

Roles that typically use Thought Industries include Learning and Development Managers, HR professionals, Instructional Designers, and even subject matter experts who contribute their knowledge to create specialized training content. These individuals collaborate to develop, curate, and manage the training programs that cater to their learner's needs.

What types of contractors and freelancers might companies need to utilize Thought Industries effectively?

To make the most out of Thought Industries, companies may need to hire Instructional Designers, eLearning Developers, Graphic Designers, Video Editors, and Voice-over Artists. These professionals work together to create, design, and develop high-quality training content tailored to the company's requirements and learners' preferences.

How can I hire freelancers with expertise in Thought Industries?

One way to hire reliable freelancers with expertise in Thought Industries is through a marketplace like Learnexus. You can browse through profiles, read reviews, and select the best candidates based on their skills, experience, and project compatibility. Always make sure to communicate your requirements clearly and maintain an open channel for feedback and collaboration throughout the project.

How can I build and deliver effective training using Thought Industries?

To build and deliver successful training programs using Thought Industries, follow these steps:

  1. Identify your training objectives and align them with your company's goals.
  2. Collaborate with the right freelancers to develop engaging content tailored to your learner's preferences.
  3. Organize the content in a logical, learner-centric way, ensuring easy navigation and progress tracking.
  4. Monitor and analyze learner engagement, completion rates, and feedback to improve your training programs continuously.

Why is it essential to utilize Thought Industries effectively, and what happens if it's not?

Effectively utilizing Thought Industries helps your company deliver relevant, engaging, and accessible training that improves employee performance, satisfaction, and retention. In contrast, failing to make the most of the platform could lead to wasted resources, unengaging content, and a lack of measurable impact on your employees' learning and development. Ultimately, this could hinder your company's growth and success.


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