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How to Hire Freelancers with Expertise in 7taps

If you're looking to create engaging and effective training content for your team, the 7taps microlearning platform can be a game-changer! 7taps is part of the Content Development Tools category and is used to create bite-sized learning experiences. In this FAQ section, we will discuss common training deliverables, topics, roles within companies that might use 7taps, and types of freelancers you'll want to hire.

What are common training deliverables produced with 7taps?

7taps can be used to create a variety of training deliverables, such as interactive quizzes, informative videos, and engaging articles. For example, a company might use 7taps to create a series of microlearning modules on customer service skills, with each module containing a short video followed by a quiz to test the learner's understanding.

What are common types of training topics produced with 7taps?

7taps is versatile and can be used for various training topics, including product knowledge, soft skills, and compliance training. For instance, a software company might use 7taps to create microlearning modules on new feature updates, while a hospital might use it to create training on patient safety and infection control procedures.

What types of roles within companies might use 7taps?

7taps can be used by various roles within a company, such as trainers, instructional designers, and HR professionals. These individuals may work together to develop and deliver training content that is engaging and effective for their team members.

What types of contractors and freelancers do companies need to utilize 7taps effectively?

Companies looking to create high-quality training content with 7taps may need to hire freelancers with expertise in instructional design, eLearning development, video production, and graphic design. These professionals can help ensure that the content is visually appealing, informative, and engaging for learners.

How can I hire freelancers with expertise in 7taps?

To hire freelancers with expertise in 7taps, you can turn to a platform like Learnexus, which specializes in connecting organizations with skilled freelancers in the Learning & Development field. By posting your project on Learnexus, you can attract the attention of experienced freelancers who have a track record of success with 7taps and other content development tools.

How can I effectively build and deliver training using 7taps?

To build and deliver effective training using 7taps, you'll want to follow these steps:

  1. Identify your training objectives and desired outcomes.
  2. Break down the content into small, digestible chunks that can be easily consumed by learners.
  3. Design the content to be visually engaging, using multimedia elements such as images, videos, and interactive elements.
  4. Test the content with a sample group of learners to gather feedback and make any necessary revisions.
  5. Monitor learner progress and continually update the content to ensure it stays relevant and effective.

Why must companies utilize 7taps effectively, and what happens when it is not utilized effectively?

Companies must utilize 7taps effectively to ensure that their training content is engaging, informative, and most importantly, leads to the desired learning outcomes. If 7taps is not utilized effectively, learners may lose interest in the content, fail to retain critical information, and ultimately, not achieve the intended training objectives. This could result in decreased productivity, increased employee turnover, and a negative impact on the company's bottom line.


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