The Octopus Whisperer

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What can a Netflix documentary about the love between a man and an octopus teach us about learning? Apparently a whole lot! Andrew Barry, the founder of Curious Lion Learning, took notes to help us figure out how Craig Foster learned to think like an octopus.

“He learned to pay attention and started to notice the extraordinary things.”

By learning to pay attention, or observe, a journey of growth and development begins. Andrew points out that Craig did something really smart in order to think more like an octopus: he was consistent. And because of that consistency, he was able test his comfort zone and learn from each mistake. Each interaction built upon the previous foundation. There was so much to discover.

Andrew points out that consistency, observation, documentation, and analysis are integral parts of the learning process. Each stage serves a purpose in growing beyond the present position in order to merge the gap between two worlds previously unexplored and disconnected.

Learning is a process that is deliberate and requires commitment. And just as Craig experienced, the end of one journey can open up doors to new beginnings. You begin to learn about yourself, others, and the world around you. You discover there is greater purpose and new ways to apply the knowledge acquired.

Andrew shows us that consistency, preparation, and curiosity made it all possible.

This content was repurposed with permission from Andrew Barry via .

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