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Increased Training Efficiency with Learnexus Freelancers

A global tech company, similar to Sitecore, faced challenges in keeping its team updated with the latest product innovations. Traditional training methods were time-consuming and ineffective in delivering desired results. They turned to Learnexus and hired a team of freelancers to address their training needs.

The freelancers created customized training programs that covered all areas of the company, from sales to technical support, ensuring that every team was adequately trained. They used flexible learning solutions that catered to diverse learning styles and schedules, overcoming the challenge of managing a globally distributed team. The freelancers were industry experts who quickly grasped the nuances of the company's specific industry and product suite, eliminating the time wasted in bringing external consultants up to speed.

As a result, the company experienced a significant increase in training efficiency:

  • Time spent on training reduced by 40%
  • Demand for support and troubleshooting decreased by 30% after training implementation
  • Employees reported higher satisfaction and confidence with their product knowledge

40% reduced training time

30% less support needed
Improved employee satisfaction

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  • Kelly Tracy
  • Keith Freeman
  • Jessica Ruiz
  • Jeremy Dearinger
  • Douglas Hahn
  • Camron Brewer
  • Sarah Noon
  • Lizabeth Wright
  • Shaun Bossett

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