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Increased Training Effectiveness with Expert Freelancers

SBEC, a growing company in need of specialized training expertise, turned to Learnexus to address their limited in-house knowledge and ensure personalized training for their employees. By leveraging the platform, SBEC was able to hire a team of highly skilled freelancers to design and implement training programs in areas such as technology, leadership, and product development.

The freelancers on Learnexus worked closely with SBEC managers to understand the specific training needs of different departments and employee roles. They delivered tailored training programs that met the unique requirements of each team, resulting in improved skill development and knowledge retention. The flexibility and scalability of the platform allowed SBEC to easily adjust the training programs as the company continued to grow and adapt to changes in the industry.

With the help of Learnexus and its pool of expert freelancers, SBEC experienced a significant boost in training effectiveness. Key quantitative results include:

  • A 20% increase in employee satisfaction with training programs.
  • A 15% improvement in the overall performance of teams that received specialized training.
  • A savings of 30% in training costs compared to traditional in-house training approaches.

20% higher satisfaction

15% better performance
30% training cost savings

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  • Leadership Strategist
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  • McKenzie Day
  • Kelly Tracy
  • Keith Freeman
  • Jessica Ruiz
  • Jeremy Dearinger
  • Douglas Hahn
  • Camron Brewer
  • Sarah Noon
  • Lizabeth Wright
  • Shaun Bossett

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