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A Voiceover Artist is a professional who provides voice recordings for Learning & Development projects.

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How to Hire Top Freelancers for Voiceover Artist Roles: Everything you Need to Know

If you're looking to create high-quality training materials for your organization, hiring a freelance voiceover artist can be a great way to ensure your content is engaging and effective. A voiceover artist can bring your training materials to life and make sure your message is heard loud and clear.

What is a Voiceover Artist?

A voiceover artist is a professional who uses their voice to narrate videos, presentations, and other types of training materials. These professionals have a deep understanding of how to use their voice to create an engaging and informative experience for the listener. They can help organizations of all sizes create high-quality training materials that are easy to understand and retain.

Types of Training Deliverables

A voiceover artist can deliver a wide variety of training materials, including:

  • E-learning videos
  • Corporate training videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Training presentations

Common Needs and Tools for Voiceover Artists

When it comes to hiring a voiceover artist, there are a few things you'll need to keep in mind. First, you'll want to make sure you have a clear understanding of what type of training materials you need. This will help you find a voiceover artist with the right skills and experience to meet your needs.

Another important consideration is the tools and software your voiceover artist will need. Many voiceover artists work from home, which means they'll need access to high-quality recording equipment and editing software. Some common tools used by voiceover artists include Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, and Audacity.

Training Formats

There are a variety of training formats that can benefit from the use of a voiceover artist. Some common examples include:

  • Video-based training
  • Interactive e-learning courses
  • Virtual instructor-led training
  • Podcasts

Hiring Strong Voiceover Artist Freelancers

When hiring a freelance voiceover artist, there are a few things you'll want to consider to ensure you find a strong candidate. First, you'll want to review their portfolio and listen to samples of their work.

Another important consideration is their experience working with the type of training materials you need. For example, if you're creating e-learning courses, you'll want to find a voiceover artist who has experience narrating this type of content.

Common Missteps

One of the most common missteps organizations make when hiring voiceover artists is not providing clear direction on their expectations for the final product. It's important to provide detailed instructions and examples of what you're looking for to ensure your voiceover artist can deliver a final product that meets your needs.

Why Companies Need Voiceover Artist Employees

Voiceover artists bring a unique set of skills to the table that can help organizations create training materials that are engaging and effective. They have a deep understanding of how to use their voice to create a powerful narrative that resonates with the listener. Without a voiceover artist on staff, organizations may struggle to create high-quality training materials that truly connect with their employees.

The Benefits of Hiring a Freelancer

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a freelance voiceover artist is the flexibility it provides. Freelancers can be hired on a project-by-project basis, which means you can scale your use of voiceover artists up or down depending on your needs. This can be especially valuable for organizations with fluctuating training needs or those that are just getting started with training development.

Another benefit of hiring a freelance voiceover artist is the wider range of talent available. When hiring a full-time employee, you're limited to the talent pool in your local area. However, when working with freelancers, you can tap into a global pool of talent with a wide range of skills and experiences.


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