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Improved Training Effectiveness with Learnexus Freelancers

Reynolds, a leading company in the manufacturing industry, faced challenges in developing engaging and effective training materials. They turned to Learnexus, a trusted freelancer marketplace, to find specialized learning and development professionals to help address their pain points.

The project involved hiring a team of freelancers through Learnexus to develop and deliver training programs across various departments at Reynolds. The freelance team worked closely with the hiring managers to understand their specific requirements and create tailored training materials.

The results were remarkable:

  • Training materials were revamped and transformed into highly engaging and interactive content, resulting in increased participation and knowledge retention among employees.
  • Training effectiveness was measured through pre- and post-assessments, and the results showed a significant improvement in employees' understanding and application of the training content.
  • Overall, Reynolds experienced a 30% reduction in training time, allowing for better integration of training into employees' schedules without disrupting day-to-day operations.

40% improved knowledge retention

30% reduced training time
25% better training effectiveness

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  • McKenzie Day
  • Kelly Tracy
  • Keith Freeman
  • Jessica Ruiz
  • Jeremy Dearinger
  • Douglas Hahn
  • Camron Brewer
  • Sarah Noon
  • Lizabeth Wright
  • Shaun Bossett

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