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Increased Employee Efficiency by 30% with Learnexus Freelancers

ABC Company is a leader in the operational procedures industry and was struggling with identifying training needs for their team due to ever-evolving procedures and a lack of specialized trainers. They turned to Learnexus to hire a team of freelancers to address these pain points.

The freelancers worked closely with the ABC Company team to identify training needs, create customized training materials, and implement a high-quality training program. As a result, employee efficiency increased by 30% and the company saw a significant improvement in operational performance.

  • 30% increase in employee efficiency
  • Customized training materials developed by specialized trainers
  • Improved operational performance

30% Boost in Efficiency

100% Specialized Training
15% Operational Improvement

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  • Leadership Strategist
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  • LMS Specialist
  • McKenzie Day
  • Kelly Tracy
  • Keith Freeman
  • Jessica Ruiz
  • Jeremy Dearinger
  • Douglas Hahn
  • Camron Brewer
  • Sarah Noon
  • Lizabeth Wright
  • Shaun Bossett

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