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Increasing Employee Engagement with Freelance Instructional Designers

A company in the online learning segment struggled with keeping their remote employees engaged and motivated during online training sessions. Through Learnexus, they hired a team of freelance instructional designers to revamp their existing training programs and create new engaging content.

The team of freelancers worked with the company to identify skill gaps and create customized training modules that were interactive and engaging. They also incorporated gamification elements to increase employee motivation and participation.

As a result, the company saw a significant increase in employee engagement during online training sessions, with a 25% increase in participation rates and a 30% increase in completion rates. The company was also able to measure the effectiveness of the online training programs through assessments and saw a 20% increase in employee performance post-training.

25% Increase in Participation

30% Increase in Completion Rates
20% Increase in Employee Performance

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