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Hiring Freelancers with Experience in Airlines

If you're in the airlines industry, you know that top-notch training is crucial for success. In this guide, we'll discuss the various types of training, deliverables, roles, and examples of training done well in the airlines industry. We'll also dive into the benefits of hiring freelance vs. full-time training contractors. So, let's dive into the world of airlines training!

What are the Most Common Types of Training Needs in the Airlines Industry?

For a smooth flight, airlines require different types of training such as safety and security training, customer service training, technical training, and leadership development. For instance, flight attendants need to know how to handle emergency situations, while pilots require extensive technical knowledge to operate aircraft safely.

What are the Common Types of Training Deliverables in the Airlines Industry?

Training deliverables can range from e-learning modules, in-person workshops, on-the-job coaching, to simulation exercises. For example, Delta Airlines uses advanced flight simulators to help pilots improve their skills in a controlled environment.

What are the Common Types of Training Topics in the Airlines Industry?

Training topics can include emergency procedures, aircraft systems, crew resource management, regulations and compliance, and customer service. For instance, British Airways provides training on dealing with disruptive passengers as part of their customer service curriculum.

What are the Common Types of Training Roles in the Airlines Industry?

Roles can include trainers, instructional designers, e-learning developers, training coordinators, and training managers. At Southwest Airlines, for example, their Leadership Development team focuses on creating a culture of continuous learning and growth.

What are Examples of Training Done Well in the Airlines Industry?

Singapore Airlines sets the bar high with their extensive training programs. They invest heavily in their state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring employees undergo rigorous training before they even step foot on an aircraft. Another great example is Air New Zealand, which created a virtual reality training experience for cabin crew, enhancing their learning and ensuring they're well-prepared for real-life situations.

What are the Benefits of Hiring Freelance vs. Full-Time Training Contractors in the Airlines Industry?

Hiring freelance training talent can offer flexibility, cost savings, and access to a broader pool of expertise. Freelancers can be brought in for specific projects, reducing the overhead associated with full-time employees. On the other hand, full-time training contractors can provide consistency and in-depth knowledge of the company's culture and processes. Ultimately, the decision will depend on the company's needs and training requirements.


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