How to make a standout project video!

If you’re like a lot of the employers on Learnexus, you’d much rather create a real connection with your prospective candidates, so instead of typing out your project needs, you might choose to brief everyone with a project video.

Heck yea. We like that about you!

But getting a video set up might be nerve-wracking. What should you say? How long should it be?! Don’t worry. We’ll break down some best practices so you can get a great first video and start attracting top candidates for your L&D project fast!

Get your space set up

Before you create your video, do a quick glance of your space.

  • Is your video at eye height? If not, can you set it at eye height? This will help you create a solid connection with viewers and avoid any weird angles.
  • Is your background set up? If not, can you rearrange some stuff? Most people will be focusing on you, but if your background is super distracting, it could become challenging for people to follow along with what you’re saying (and that’s the point of the video, right?!)
  • How are your lights? A little tip is to have the same color of lights in the room. Some people have a really bright overhead light and then an orangey focus light. That can create strange shadows. When in doubt, stick to one, balanced light source.
  • How is your sound? If you’re using a mic, is it positioned properly? If not, is the mic on your computer working?

Make your outline

Before you start talking, just draft a little outline of what you want to cover.

  • Company details – Include a one-sentence introduction to the company. Feel free to use the template below.

[Name of company] is a [type of company] that seeks to [do type of thing] for [type of audience].

Example: Learnexus is an L&D matchmaking platform that seeks to match employers with skilled freelancers for L&D specific projects.

  • Project details – Include a one sentence description of the project.

Example: The “What do you know!?” series is an educational video series.

  • Who you’re looking for – Include a one-sentence description of the type of person you’re looking for

Example: We’re looking for video editors to help us create, edit, and launch our video series.

  • Special skills – Include special skills that the perfect candidate will have.

Example: Successful candidates should be skilled with Canva, Teachable, the latest video editing software, and experience working remotely with global teams.

  • How to apply – Include important information to help people properly apply.

Example: To apply, please send over a video talking about your previous experience launching educational video series for other companies.

  • Close it out – Include a kind closing.

Example: I can’t wait to hear from you and see if we can work together on this fun project!

Don’t stress

Creating a video is a powerful way to get candidates interested in your project. It should reflect the personality of your brand, but you shouldn’t worry too much about it! If you remember your reasons for posting, it’ll be easier to create an authentic, helpful experience that freelancers will love.

You got this. If you have any questions about what else to include in your video, or if you want to share some tips that you found helpful when creating videos to find candidates, email [email protected] to chat!

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