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By finding, getting to know, and hiring an extension of your team. All in a few hours. Ready?

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Find and hire pre-screened freelancers for your learning and training projects on Learnexus with no fees so you can start and finish your work quickly and under budget

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Save energy

By discovering pre-vetted candidates who are already briefed on your project and ready to roll. (Pssst. All of our candidates pass 7-12 screening stages, so yeah...they’re legit.)

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Protect your bottom line

And forget about the agency fees. Spend less time (and money) on getting matched with real people in the Learning & Development, and Education industry

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Search by industry experience, type of skill, previous roles, or post your project and let qualified proposals come to you

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If you don’t your freelancer within 7 days, we’ll find you a new match at no extra cost

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Ever hire someone who looked great on paper only to discover their actual skills involve fibbing on the “experience” portion of their resume? Yeah. Let’s not do that again.

Finding that L+D expert with 5 years of experience and the soft skills you’ve been looking for is possible within a few hours.

Make hiring more human

  • Get a taste of a learning candidate’s personality from video proposals

  • Chat right away directly from our platform

  • Keep it traditional by reviewing the basics

  • Change the game by looking at their skills in action before they’re hired

  • Find someone good enough to lead the team (within 14 days*)

  • Be prepared for anything that hits your desk

Build your professional safety net

  • Expand your community today so you have a bunch of people to call on tomorrow

  • Connect with freelancers who can support your yearly goals

  • Be prepared for the project given to you on Monday at 4:49 p.m. You know...the one you have to map out by Friday

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Skip the paper cuts

  • Click-to-pay invoices (zing!) so you can keep the project moving

  • Give your accountant some time off. Follow along with project expenses right from the app

  • Got beef? Get help by launching a dispute. We’ll sweep in and mediate so you can keep things moving

  • Manage all the HR procedures with a few clicks. Send and receive NDAs, documentation, and all the little bits of paperwork you may be forgetting about

  • Hire top project managers to handle complex projects for you

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