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Streamlined Training Process, Measurable Results

With Learnexus, Company XYZ, a media and marketing services provider, was able to overcome the challenge of sourcing and vetting external trainers for their diverse departments. Learnexus provided a seamless platform to quickly hire a team of freelancers, saving time and effort in the recruitment process.

The freelancers from Learnexus worked closely with Company XYZ to coordinate and synchronize training across their geographically dispersed teams. This ensured consistency and continuity in training content and delivery, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the training programs.

As a result of using Learnexus, Company XYZ was able to measure the impact of their training initiatives and translate them into quantifiable business performance metrics. They witnessed a 15% improvement in employee productivity, a 20% increase in customer satisfaction, and a significant reduction in employee turnover rate.

15% boost in productivity

20% higher customer satisfaction
significant turnover reduction

Hire for Any Role

With a network of over 2,500 vetted freelancers, hire the expert with the exact experience you’re looking for

  • Leadership Strategist
  • Leadership Strategist
  • Instructional Manager
  • LMS Specialist
  • LMS Specialist
  • McKenzie Day
  • Kelly Tracy
  • Keith Freeman
  • Jessica Ruiz
  • Jeremy Dearinger
  • Douglas Hahn
  • Camron Brewer
  • Sarah Noon
  • Lizabeth Wright
  • Shaun Bossett

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