Expertise and fifteen years of experience in global-level corporate and enterprise training and instructional design; process analysis; course ware development and project management.

– Consulting and instructional design roles with leading corporations including Disney, Nestle, Dole, Amgen, AECOM, BofA, JAFRA and SoCal Edison.
– Skilled at managing training roll-outs and developing Instructor Led Training, videos, simulations and elearning.
– Skilled at working with SAP applications with hundreds of screens and functions, and multiple, diverse and extremely complex interfaces and tasks.
– Understanding of how technology touches all aspects of business operations.
– Typical projects require both initial and on-going analysis during the software development life cycle, and that numerous software changes be reflected in the documentation during the process.
– Able to manage project challenges including size and scope of understanding required with a very quick ramp-up; creating materials based on limited Business Requirements Documents or Specifications; and documenting system errors while working closely with the QA team when needed.
– Experience documenting change impacts, business processes, creating workflows, writing functional specifications.

Work experience