Clients call me when they need more effective, efficient, and engaging ways to deliver learning and show real impact. I help organizations make, manage, and measure improvements to their workforce & workflow.

One example: Google hired me to explain their highly complicated backend YouTube platform to thousands of partners. In one year, we increased the number of people certified to use their video platform from 1,000 to about 10,000. I did this by using video to deliver e-learning in a highly understandable & actionable manner, and rolling out an LMS to track it all. In 10 weeks.

If you need someone to creatively bridge the gap between technology and people, or information and actual learning, then I’m your guy. I care deeply about helping the Learning & Development community actually learn and develop ourselves. I do this by:
► Speaking regularly at industry events and conferences (ATD, eLearning Guild, Training Magazine, etc.)
► Leading “Your Best Work in L&D” mastermind groups (mentoring small groups of professionals keeping each other cutting edge)
► Writing & being interviewed for magazines, websites, podcasts, livestreams, and social media

I’ve also:
► Cohosted TLDCast’s #VideoFriday livestreams (3yrs) & coproduced the “L&D Talk” livestream (1yr)
► Contributed to Learning Now TV (monthly program)
► Coordinated the Digital Learning Asset Framework (open-source international braintrust)
► Hosted/maintained the annual Ultimate L&D Podcast Guide
► Written about L&D issues consistently across many platforms/channels

Awards & certifications

Work experience