A transformational learning and development leader, I have a demonstrated record of measureable success maximizing the capabilities and performance of diverse human capital in a multitude of industries, including banking and financial services; business consulting; government, defense and security/intelligence; higher education; and educational systems integration start-ups, among others.
My contributions have enabled both internal stakeholders and employers (firms such as the Bank of America, Accenture and Booz Allen) and clients (organizations such as the NSA, the Department of Defense, Best Buy, NASA, Caterpillar, Scotia Bank & many different learning start up companies), improve the effectiveness, productivity, efficacy, and learning paths leading to quality outcomes, greater workforce cohesiveness and increased satisfaction of their global workforces with their L&D options and internal operations.
Highly adept at Discovery using various qualitative and quantitative methods used to identify emerging business, economic and technology trends and newly required skill sets required to address them. I have created visionary strategic roadmaps for organizations seeking to increase their nimbleness in rapidly changing markets. Assembling and leading multidisciplinary, global teams, I have conducted needs analysis, designed, developed and delivered high impact performance measurement, improvement, training and organizational development programs in traditional classroom and advanced e-learning settings to scores of employees around the world.

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