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I’m Maria, a global citizen with roots in Africa, Japan, and France, but I call Canada home. Want to know something special about me? Thanks to my career as an eLearning course developer, I’ve been a digital nomad for many years, traveling around the planet, hungry to experience different cultures. I usually only come back home during summer and the holidays to catch up with my friends and family….until COVID hit! You’ll find me in my home office nowadays.

After successfully working as a freelancer in the learning and development industry, I founded Octo D, an online training agency that focuses on B2B multilingual eLearning course development. The team is led by Helene Caura and myself. Helene has more than 20 years of international experience as an eLearning designer, consultant and developer. She holds two master’s degrees in French as a Foreign Language and in Knowledge Mediation and Multilingualism, Computer-Assisted Language Learning Stream. I work on the production side as a seasoned media integrator, carrying university degrees in Media Design and master’s in management.

We are enthusiastic followers of Cathy Moore’s Action Mapping methodology; have you heard of it? We think it’s a big step forward from older theories such as Bloom taxonomy. Action Mapping is a visual process to design projects that modify what learners do, not just what they know. We are available to build action-packed content that is 100% dedicated to improving your organization’s performance. If you are looking for a team that will build training content containing simulations, scenarios and gamification elements, let’s work together!

Besides our services as an eLearning agency, we are very active in the local edTech community, organizing multiple conferences and networking events every year. We also coach future instructional designers and developers through our own training programs, we started our YouTube Channel and work with a private training center, Technologia. Our next major project on the table is the development of a college graduate program and the creation of an online platform to collaborate on storyboards.

Now, tell us about yourself! We also want to know something special about you (we are humans behind these profiles), and, of course, how we can help you!

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Maria and the Octo Team

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