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Devin S., Ph.D, SCC provides coaching and training to help high achieving leaders take their impact and effectiveness to the next level. He helps them lead with boldness and authenticity, without sacrificing their values. Devin is a certified Stakeholder Centered Coach®️ and has trained and coached high impact leaders, start-up founders, and corporate executives.

Devin is also a tenured Associate Professor of Religion at Dartmouth, working with high achieving students and emerging leaders, and undertaking cutting edge research. He has also held positions at Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, and serves as a guest lecturer at Tuck School of Business. Devin is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and thought leader in his field, whose work has been featured in Time, Washington Post, HuffPost, and Harvard Theological Review.

Devin has distilled decades of successful leadership experience and insights from training other high achievers. To this he has added time tested wisdom from his expertise in philosophy, theology, ethics, and the social sciences, creating programs and strategies to empower leaders, impact organizations, and transform society.

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