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I make decisions that lead to an engaging and seamless experience within any budget and fidelity. Whether the product is video, a sound piece, or immersive, I know how to take a project from A to Z while keeping communication open, protecting the creative process, and upholding the intended messaging and vision. My approach to creating content centers around a design process that will result in the most effective media for that ask.

I am experienced in production, post-production and installation as a content creator, senior producer, director, and editor with visual design and lighting as the driving force for my aesthetic decisions. Creative development is my happy place, with expertise managing in-house artists and crew people, leading brainstorms, working with 3rd-party vendors, and collaborating with various stakeholders and clients. I also love to guide teams in post-production. I created and ran post pipelines at UC Berkeley and Expression tracking all assets and providing quality control on all final products.

As a strategic thinker, I help find connections and solutions to organizational and creative problems. As a leader I observe and learn about individuals to create satisfied and functional teams that elevate art and media. As an idea generator who has worked collaboratively for years, I know how to help effectively brainstorm, and bring those ideas into fruition. As someone sensitive to group dynamics, I know when to step in, but also when to step back, support, and help others develop their creative concepts.

In your organization I will have the ability to help manage change, establish or maintain high-level modes of operation while keeping eagle-eyes on tiny details, and ensure that client needs are properly and efficiently met. It has been my life’s work to build teams that create art, professional media, and problem solve. As a content creator myself, I look forward to the opportunity to get my hands dirty.

Although I have 10+ years in leadership, in most of my jobs and through freelance/artistic projects, I have worn many hats. I know Adobe Premiere inside out, understand codecs, can mix audio and create music, and have voice over experience – both as a director and talent. I lit many of the shoots on my reel. Sound and light are media I sculpt.

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