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Top Projects for Food Safety Training for the Food and Beverage Industry

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Successful Food Safety Training Program with Learnexus Freelancers

A food and beverage company faced challenges in managing food safety training for their employees, including finding the right balance between training and productivity and engaging employees in the training. They turned to Learnexus to find a team of freelance trainers who could help them develop an effective training program that would meet the needs of their team.

The Learnexus team worked closely with the company's management to develop a comprehensive training program that was tailored to the needs of each employee. They also implemented an online tracking system that allowed managers to easily monitor the progress of each employee's training. As a result, the company saw a significant improvement in their food safety compliance ratings, and employees reported feeling more engaged and knowledgeable about food safety best practices.

  • 20% increase in food safety compliance ratings
  • 95% employee satisfaction rates with training program
  • 80% reduction in training time required

20% up in compliance

95% happy with training
80% less training time

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