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Any employer is able to post a project on the platform after a quick validation process. However, we generally do not allow projects less than $1,000 in budget. Furthermore, we require a minimum hourly rate of $30/hr.

We are a global talent marketplace that gives you the power to find highly skilled independent learning professionals in hours, not weeks.

Building teams to develop and implement learning programs for your organization is becoming increasingly challenging even though it feels like there are more options than ever. Sure, you can get a quick turnaround on random job sites like Upwork, but the quality will leave you looking like an amateur in front of your peers. Or you can dish out money to an agency, but it’ll take ages to get the work you paid for.

Scratch all that. Learnexus finds you pre-vetted training freelancers who have passed our rigorous tests. And you’ll save 50% on project costs without the waste on agency fees.

It’s simple. Share your project and wait for qualified freelancers to submit video proposals, complete work samples, and chat with you directly.

Our talented team has screened tens of thousands of learning professionals and staffed thousands of projects for some of the world’s coolest companies like Amazon and Disney.

Get started today. There’s no fee to hire, no cost to post a project, no obligation to hire, and no reason not to start your project today.

And if you don’t love your freelancer within the first month we’ll cover the costs and find you a new one.

By posting projects on the marketplace, an employer is agreeing to our terms and conditions, and must hire freelancers met on Learnexus through Learnexus. Freelancers also have a corresponding obligation.

You can use our platform to search and find freelancers by various types of filters.

For example, you might want to look for certain freelancer types, like instructional designers, or technical writers.

You might want to filter down further and look for freelancers with experience in financial services.

And then you might require certain skills from freelancers, such as familiarity with your LMS.

You can also search for freelancers in particular locations, too — for example, within 100 miles of your current location. This is ideal for local projects.

Our talent team has experience screening tens of thousands of learning professionals and has previously staffed thousands of projects for the world’s top companies.

You can read more on our Screening Process page.

We offer the ability for employers to further screen talent by collecting video proposals, for instance, or requesting test work samples for their project.

You can pay via project milestones on fixed-priced projects. The employer and freelancer should agree on project milestones and corresponding payments at the onset of an engagement. Here’s how it works:

  1. The employer and freelancer agree to terms of the engagement, which includes a description and price for each milestone
  2. The employer deposits payment for the first milestone into escrow
  3. The freelancer delivers the first milestone and the employer reviews it
  4. The employer accepts the milestone – The employer has the option to accept or reject each milestone
  5. Payment is released from escrow to the freelancer and the employer deposits payment for the next milestone into escrow
  6. After each milestone is accepted by the employer, payment is released from escrow to the freelancer. The transaction is complete when all milestones have been accepted

After posting a project you’ll receive proposals from freelancers (woohoo!) You can view the details of each proposal in your dashboard and decide whether to explore further via chat. If they seem like a great fit, you can skip the formalities and hire them ASAP.

If you want to chat with a freelancer about their proposal, take some time to interview them about your project and explore the following:

  1. Do they have the expertise to get your project done?
  2. Do they have an understanding of your project needs?
  3. Do they have experience completing similar work for other employers?
  4. Are they enthusiastic about your project?
  5. Are you excited about them?

When writing your project post, be thorough but succinct. Here are some tips:

  • Provide an overview of your project and how it fits into your business
  • Describe in detail all the services and deliverables you are seeking along with deadlines
  • Clearly define any required core skills and areas of expertise
  • Decide whether to request proposals on a fixed price or hourly basis

Fixed price vs Hourly:

  • Fixed price is ideal when there are one or more finite project milestones and when there is a clear end to the project. For fixed price projects, Learnexus offers escrow protection which makes the payment process safer and more secure for both you and the freelancer.
  • Hourly payments allow for maximum flexibility.

A Learnexus Engagement Manager reviews each project that is posted and can assist you with writing and posting your project. Once your project is posted, it will be sent to freelancers that match the required skills and experience.

You can upload required documents for freelancers to sign and also request a freelancer to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with their initial proposal.

You can also request a freelancer to sign an NDA or other types of documents prior to hiring them. For example, this could an Independent Contractor Agreement or IP Ownership Agreement. The freelancer is required to sign and upload these documents before you can hire them.

You can review the documents and mark as ‘complete’ from your dashboard. This ensures you collect all necessary signed documents without the headaches.

It’s simple and seamless to communicate and share work with freelancers via the Learnexus Messenger platform.

You can use Learnexus Messenger via a multitude of ways:

  1. On our site via your dashboard
  2. iOS or Android app
  3. Windows or macOS desktop apps

You can always broaden the scope of a project by adding milestones if it’s a fixed price project, or extending the deadline date for an hourly project.

Project scope should be discussed and agreed upon at the beginning of an engagement. We encourage freelancers and employers to speak on a predetermined frequency for a project and to always discuss anything that might be impacting the project.

In the event that scope and deliverables change, this should be discussed, agreed upon, and modified in the platform. For instance, you may want to add or edit milestones on a project. You just need to discuss these changes with your freelancer before doing so.

It’s free to create a project and takes a few minutes

  1. Sign up or login as an employer.
  2. Select ‘Post a Project’ from the menu bar or from the dashboard.
  3. Walk through the project creation steps, such as specific timing and budget, and marking required and nice-to-have skills. Then submit your project.
  4. We will then review the project to ensure it meets our guidelines.
  5. If approved, your project will go live and you’ll start receiving bids from freelancers.

You can manage all aspects of your project from your dashboard. For example, you can:

  • Manage proposals and proposal related collaboration
  • Manage activities, communications, and file sharing via the Learnexus Messenger
  • Track milestones for fixed price projects
  • Track freelancers’ billable time for hourly projects
  • Manage freelancer invoices and payments for fixed price and hourly projects:

For fixed price projects, once a milestone has been successfully met and you’ve approved the deliverable, the funds are made available to the freelancer

For hourly projects, invoices are produced weekly and funds are made available to the freelancer once you’ve approved the invoice. You have 3 days to approve or dispute an invoice

When posting a project you can choose to hire a learning experienced project manager to handle all aspects of your project.

Project managers can handle all aspects of your project, from hiring talent to running the actual project.

You can read more on our project manager page or contact us via the chat option.

There are two types of contracts that you can set up with freelancers on Learnexus.

Fixed price contracts

  • At the beginning, you will work with your freelancer to establish project milestones and deadlines and the payments associated with completing each one.
  • Within the platform, you can receive completed deliverables and pay them as milestones are successfully completed.

Hourly contracts

  • Freelancers log billable hours and invoices are submitted each week.
  • You approve the billable hours and related invoices each week.
  • If you encounter any issues with billable entries, you can log a dispute and put a temporary hold on payments until a resolution is reached.