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No, we support contractor payrolling as well for our ‘Enterprise Plan’ customers. For those projects, the contractor classification for each freelancer is agreed upon between Learnexus, the customer, and the freelancer.

You will be paid either after timecard approval for an hourly project or at the end of each project milestone completion.

There are two types of projects on Learnexus, Hourly Projects and Fixed Price Projects, that have different payment structures.

Hourly projects

Freelancers are paid within 2 to 14 days of their timecard approval for an hourly project. Freelancers submit their timecard on a weekly basis for employer approval.

Fixed price projects

Freelancers on fixed priced projects are paid only at the completion of a project or a specific milestone. This is to ensure that work is completed satisfactorily for the employer.

For fixed price projects, Learnexus takes payment from the employer at the activation of a milestone, and holds the funds in escrow until the completion of the project or milestone.

Freelancers are paid within 2 to 14 days for the project or milestone once the employer has marked it complete.

You must ensure that your payment account details are up-to-date in the dashboard settings.

The first step in the approval process is to make sure your profile is complete. From there, you will be provided with a link where you can schedule an interview with one of our Talent Engagement Managers. On that call, expect to chat about your work background, work experience, the types of roles you are looking for, etc. You should also expect to get some feedback on how to improve your profile and be prepared to show work samples (if applicable). Once the freelancer is thoroughly screened, they can be approved by the Talent team to be active on the platform.

If you tag an industry on your profile and indicate that you have 5+ years of experience, a notification will be sent to the Learnexus team. We will then review your experience and give you an industry pro badge if we think it’s a good fit.

Most employers decide if your profile is interesting in 10 seconds or less. They also use the platform’s search functionality in different ways. The more complete your profile, the easier it is for an employer to quickly see the most pertinent information & decide if they want to dive deeper into your experience. Make sure to include your video introduction – employers gravitate towards watching those videos and it’s an awesome opportunity to make a solid impression.

Each proposal is reviewed by our internal team for quality and completeness. Once the review is complete, the proposal is released to the employer. From that point, the employer can engage with the freelancers/proposals via or chat, video messaging, and scheduling tools as they see fit.

Not all projects will require work samples. Work samples can be provided in multiple ways on the platform. You can add them to your freelancer profile. You can also attach them as needed to the proposals you submit to projects. If neither of those options works, employers also have the ability to schedule a work samples review meeting with you during which you can share as much or as little of your work samples as you are comfortable with.

  • Freelancers who work with our ‘Business Plan’ customers will not receive a 1099-NEC from the customer nor Learnexus. Freelancers will need to self-report their income.
    • We do file a Form 1099-K when applicable (to freelancers who are U.S. Persons and receive over $20,000 with more than 200 transactions through Learnexus).
  • Freelancers who work with our ‘Enterprise Plan’ customers will be issued a 1099-NEC from Learnexus.
  • All freelancers submit their information for Form W-9 (U.S.-based) or Form W-8BEN (international) to Learnexus.

This is not tax advice, please consult with your tax professional

If a project you bid on was filled by another freelancer, you will receive a notification on the Learnexus platform. Additionally, you can visit the project page or your proposal page to see the up-to-date status of a project you’ve applied to.

We always tell freelancers to only rate that they are comfortable with, given the merits of the opportunity for the duration of the project. Freelancers should put careful thought into this number. However, they should also consider the bid as an entre to a conversation. If – throughout the interview process with the employer – a freelancer’s rate needs to change, we ask the freelancer to communicate to this client. The rates are not finalized until the employer extends the offer and the freelancer accepts.

Often, the rates that are posted on the projects are an employers best guess at the rate ranges. As always, freelancers should only bid rates that they will be comfortable for the duration of the project, given the merits of the role.

Any freelancer that can complete a Form W-9 (U.S.-based) or Form W-8BEN (international) can apply to projects on Learnexus.

First, make sure that your profile is compelling and complete!

If given the opportunity, record video answers!

Make sure to only bid rates that you would be comfortable with for the entire duration of the project.

Ask questions if you have them!

Make sure to spell check & look over formatting in your response.