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Success Story: Freelancers Helped Bridge the Gap in Pharamaceutical Compliance Training

Our client, an anonymous pharmaceutical company, faced numerous challenges in ensuring their training programs for ethics and compliance adhered to industry regulations and standards. They saw a need to update and improve their training materials, but struggled with finding the time, resources, and expertise to do so. The company decided to turn to Learnexus to find a team of freelancers who could help with this daunting task.

The team of freelancers was able to provide relevant, up-to-date, and engaging training content for the client. They worked efficiently to minimize employee downtime while delivering comprehensive training. The client was able to measure the success of the program and saw a 25% increase in adherence to compliance regulations. The company was thrilled with the quality of work produced by the freelancers and is now continuing to work with Learnexus to find the best talent for their future training projects.

  • 25% increase in adherence to compliance regulations
  • Relevant, up-to-date, and engaging training delivered
  • Efficient delivery minimized employee downtime

25% compliance improvement

100% industry-specific content
0 additional downtime

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