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Easily manage and track enterprise training initiatives, collaborate with contractors and internal resources, and make data-driven decisions for your organization’s training.

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  • Morgan Stanley
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Access the data you need, finally.

You can now easily see all the training initiatives happening within your group or across the company, whether it’s internal or external.

Enterprise wide visibility

Explore by department, by region, or by product group. Pull any data that you need.

Visibility into different categories of spend, training types, and efficiency metrics

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Enterprise ready features

  • Reporting & spend analytics
  • Internal ratings & history of vendors
  • Cross-team workflows
  • Share talent across departments

Consolidate your data across every vendor

Multiple vendors means headaches. The lack of data can make it difficult to track progress and manage budgets effectively.

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  • Compliance Training

  • Leadership Development

  • Technical Writing

  • Instruction Design

  • LMS Administration

  • Safety Training

  • Sales Training

  • IT Training

Welcome to Smart Vendor ManagementĀ 

With a comprehensive dashboard, efficiently manage training, track progress, optimize budgets, and utilize training resources.

  • Single Dashboard

    Single Dashboard

    Effectively manage training initiatives, track progress, and manage budgets effectively.

  • Standardized Onboarding

    Standardized Onboarding

    Standardized onboarding flows and materials for all new vendors & contractors, so that they are creating & delivering training in a unified way.

  • Spend Analytics

    Spend Analytics

    Gain visibility of spend by different categories, departments, training types, and efficiency metrics.

  • Talent History

    Talent History

    View internal ratings and history of all of your training vendors & contractors used across your company.

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Leverage Past Successes with
Vendor History

Unlock access to an invaluable internal history, rich with ratings and reviews of vendors
your company has previously engaged.

  • Vendor Performance Database

    An integrated, searchable database that stores all ratings, reviews, and feedback about previous vendors.

  • Vendor Matching System

    An AI-powered system that utilizes past ratings and reviews to recommend vendors for new projects.

  • Cross-Departmental Collaboration

    A feature that enables different departments to share their experiences and insights about vendors.

  • Vendor Analytics Dashboard

    A visual dashboard that provides a snapshot of vendor performance, including key metrics like success rate, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

  • Simplify Your Vendor Management

  • Streamline Data and Boost Efficiency

  • Gain one single dashboard

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One platform to rule them all

With complete visibility across all your engagements, tracking budget, ROI, and progress has never been easier.

  • Unified Dashboard: View all vendor data in one accessible location
  • Advanced Analytics: Transform raw data into actionable insights
  • Predictive Analysis: Anticipate future needs with Learnexus’ machine learning capabilities
  • Vendor Performance Tracker: Assess vendor reliability and efficiency in real-time
  • Custom Reporting: Generate unique reports tailored to your organization’s needs
  • Collaborative Tools: Facilitate team collaboration and knowledge sharing about vendors
  • Compliance Monitoring: Ensure vendor regulatory compliance and minimize risk
  • Resource Allocation Optimizer: Optimize resource usage and budget managemen

Streamline with 25+ Integrations

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World class talent at your fingertips

A single Master Services Agreement gives access to thousands of training experts

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    Thomas Smith

    Frame 71 Experience: 10 years
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    Angela Amato

    Frame 71 Experience: 12 years
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    Megan Smith

    Frame 71 Experience: 16 years
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Built for enterprises with complex needs & processes
  • How it works

    Register your enterprise on the Learnexus platform. It’s simple and straightforward.

    • Onboard

      Invite your vendors, or upload your vendor data and customize your dashboard.

    • Optimize

      Use Learnexus’ predictive analysis and resource optimization tools to drive smarter decisions and maximize ROI.

    • Grow

      Harness the power of Learnexus to empower your teams, streamline operations, and accelerate your business growth.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Enterprise training leaders are transforming their operations with Learnexus.

  • Jay, Director of Training at Fortune 500

    “It’s so nice to have a complete dashboard as opposed to just, this is a dashboard for you, this vendor, and then I’ve got to look at something else.”

  • Susan, VP of Learning & Development

    “Our CEO is very data-driven and we’re constantly asked for things that we’ve never had to provide before, and we don’t know what we don’t know.”

  • Chris, VP of Learning at Fortune 1000

    “The unified dashboard and custom reports have given us the precise data we need to make informed decisions. It’s a game-changer for our enterprise.”

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