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Improving Training Efficiency and Effectiveness

Achieving training goals while managing diverse departmental requirements can be a challenging task for companies like De Havilland. However, by leveraging the power of Learnexus and its pool of skilled freelancers, De Havilland was able to overcome these obstacles and achieve remarkable results.

  • The project involved sourcing training resources for multiple departments within De Havilland, each with unique training needs.
  • Learnexus connected De Havilland with a team of experienced freelancers who specialized in various areas, ensuring that the specific skills required by each department were met.
  • Through seamless collaboration and continuous communication, the freelancers created customized training materials that addressed the latest industry trends and technological advancements affecting De Havilland's functions.
  • The effectiveness of the training programs was measured using comprehensive metrics, such as improved employee performance, increased productivity, and positive feedback collected from participants.
  • Thanks to Learnexus' platform, De Havilland was able to quickly adapt and make necessary adjustments to the training programs, resulting in enhanced training outcomes across the different departments.

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