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Reducing Knowledge Gaps in Data Governance Training

A large financial services company hired a team of freelancers from Learnexus to develop and deliver industry-specific data governance training materials for their global team of managers. The freelancers worked closely with the company's in-house training team to ensure that the materials were comprehensive, up-to-date, and tailored to the unique challenges faced by the company. The training included interactive exercises, case studies, and quizzes to help measure effectiveness and ensure consistent training across all team members.

The project resulted in:

  • 98% of trainees showing an increase in their understanding of data governance policies
  • A 20% decrease in data breaches over the following year
  • Positive feedback from all trainees, with 97% saying they found the training materials engaging and informative.

98% increase in understanding

20% decrease in breaches
97% positive feedback

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