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Boosting Employee Engagement with Freelancers

A leading tech company in the healthcare industry hired a team of freelancers on Learnexus to design and develop a comprehensive employee engagement program. The freelancers worked collaboratively with the company's HR team to understand the needs and expectations of the employees. The project included:

  • Conducting a survey to gauge employee satisfaction and identify areas for improvement
  • Designing and delivering engaging training content to boost employee productivity and motivation
  • Creating a rewards and recognition program to incentivize top performers

The program resulted in a significant increase in employee engagement, with a 20% increase in productivity and a 15% increase in employee retention. The company was able to save time and money by not having to hire full-time employees for this project, while still achieving their goals of improving employee satisfaction and productivity.

20% boost in productivity

15% rise in employee retention
30% cost savings

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