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Improved Client Onboarding Experience with Freelancer Support

A mid-sized financial services company specializing in wealth management hired a team of freelancers from Learnexus to improve their client onboarding experience. The team consisted of a compliance expert, a training specialist, and a content creator.

The team worked collaboratively with the company's internal stakeholders to:

  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards
  • Design and implement a comprehensive training program for client-facing staff
  • Create engaging and up-to-date training materials
  • Measure the effectiveness of training initiatives and continuously improve the onboarding process
  • Provide ongoing support for updating and maintaining training materials

As a result of the freelancer team's support, the company reported:

  • Increased client satisfaction ratings from 75% to 92%
  • 30% reduction in client complaints related to onboarding
  • Improved staff performance and confidence in client-facing roles
  • Enhanced compliance and audit scores

92% Client Satisfaction

30% Reduced Client Complaints
Improved Compliance Scores

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