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Certified Team Performance Coaches (CTPCs) are professionals who specialize in helping teams improve their performance and reach their goals through learning and development.

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    Tech & health-focused Instructional Designer, skilled in innovative learning.

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    Expert eLearning developer and animator with vast corporate experience.

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    Expert eTrainer with 20+ years in L&D and John Maxwell certification.

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    Experienced HR and Diversity Pro, MBA Candidate.

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    Licensed attorney & trainer improving org efficiency.

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Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC): Your Guide to Hiring Top Freelancers with this Credential

If you're looking for a freelance trainer who can help your team perform better, you might want to consider hiring someone with a Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC) credential. This certification is highly respected in the field of leadership development, and for good reason: it signifies that the trainer has the skills and knowledge to help teams achieve their goals and work together more effectively.

What is a CTPC?

A Certified Team Performance Coach (CTPC) is a professional who has completed a rigorous training program that focuses on developing the skills needed to coach teams to high performance. This program is designed to help coaches gain a deep understanding of the dynamics of team behavior and how to help teams work together more effectively.

What are the requirements to become a CTPC?

To become a CTPC, you must complete a certified training program that typically involves classroom instruction, online coursework, and hands-on coaching experience. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the Team Coaching International (TCI) are two of the most respected organizations that offer CTPC certification programs.

What types of related training topics do CTPCs typically cover?

CTPCs are typically trained in a variety of related topics, including team building, conflict resolution, communication, leadership, and goal-setting. They are skilled at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of individual team members and developing strategies to help the team work together more effectively.

How do you hire a training contractor with a CTPC credential?

To hire a training contractor with a CTPC credential, start by doing some research online. Look for freelance trainers who mention their CTPC certification on their website or LinkedIn profile. You can also check with professional organizations like the International Coaching Federation or Team Coaching International to find certified trainers in your area.

What are some common missteps to avoid when hiring a CTPC?

One common misstep is hiring a trainer based solely on their CTPC certification, without taking the time to evaluate their skills and experience. It's important to look for a trainer who has a track record of success working with teams that are similar to yours. You should also look for a trainer who is a good fit for your organization's culture and values.

Why is the CTPC certification so important?

The CTPC certification is important because it signifies that the trainer has completed a rigorous training program and has the skills and knowledge needed to help teams work together more effectively. Hiring a CTPC-certified trainer can help your team achieve better results, improve communication and collaboration, and ultimately, become more successful.


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