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Certified Instructional Designers (CID) are professionals who specialize in creating effective learning experiences for learners.

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Certified Instructional Designer (CID): Your Guide to Hiring Top Freelancers with this Credential

Are you looking to hire a freelancer with top-notch instructional design skills? If so, you might want to consider someone with a Certified Instructional Designer (CID) credential. This certification is designed for those who want to become experts in designing high-quality training programs that meet the needs of learners and organizations alike.

What is a Certified Instructional Designer (CID)?

A Certified Instructional Designer (CID) is an individual who has demonstrated expertise in instructional design through a rigorous certification process. This certification is awarded by the Association for Talent Development (ATD), which is a professional organization that focuses on the development of talent in the workplace.

To become a CID, an individual must meet the following requirements:

  • Have at least three years of experience in instructional design or a related field
  • Complete a minimum of 40 hours of approved instructional design coursework or programs
  • Pass a comprehensive examination that tests knowledge and skills in instructional design

What are the common training requirements for someone with a CID credential?

Individuals with a CID credential are experts in instructional design, which means they have a deep understanding of how people learn and what makes effective training. Some common training requirements for someone with a CID credential may include:

  • Creating training programs that are engaging and interactive
  • Designing training materials that are easy to understand and navigate
  • Developing assessments that accurately measure learning outcomes
  • Using multimedia tools to enhance learning experiences

What are some common types of related training topics?

There are many different types of training that someone with a CID credential may be able to develop. Some common types of related training topics might include:

  • Leadership development
  • Customer service training
  • Technical skills training
  • Safety training

How do you hire a training contractor with a CID credential?

If you're looking to hire a training contractor with a CID credential, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Look for contractors who have a CID credential listed on their resume or online profile
  • Ask for references and examples of their previous work
  • Be clear about your needs and expectations for the training program
  • Set clear deadlines and deliverables

What are some common missteps when hiring a training contractor with a CID credential?

When hiring a training contractor with a CID credential, there are a few common missteps that you should try to avoid:

  • Focusing solely on the CID credential and not considering other factors, such as experience and fit
  • Not providing enough information about your organization and its needs
  • Not setting clear expectations for the project
  • Not being open to feedback and collaboration

Why is the CID credential so important?

The CID credential is important because it indicates that an individual has demonstrated expertise in instructional design. This means that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to create high-quality training programs that are effective and engaging. Hiring a freelancer with a CID credential can help ensure that your organization's training needs are met and that your employees are able to learn and grow in their roles.


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