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We are a Learning & Development and Education focused freelancing platform. Companies and education institutions use our platform to find pre-vetted talent to build all types of trainings and courses. We’re a small team with big ambitions to empower learning freelancers by connecting them with amazing opportunities.

In terms of our differentiating features from other freelancing sites, we only focus on education and L&D opportunities; cater to high-quality, high-paying opportunities (minimum $30/hr); and have many features that allow employers to screen candidates quickly (from test projects to validate skills, to video-based screening questions and answers). For employers, we are 50% lower cost than staffing agencies, integrate seamlessly with payment and procurement departments, and offer a 7-day risk-free trial.


Ideal candidates

We are always on the lookout for talented people who are passionate about empowering independent learning professionals. We value most:

  • Good energy (our most important filter…)
  • Creative backgrounds or hobbies (e.g., music, art, design, etc.) with a love for helping startups
  • Driven to first fully understand and serve the customer
  • Playful and fun but guided by creating and delivering high-quality products and experiences
  • Belief in hypothesis testing — ideas are ideas until tested with actual users and customers for proper validation


If you believe you’d be a good fit for our team, please get in contact with us via the Apply button below ✌️

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