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Our story: Fearless innovators in learning & development

We had a vision from the start to dream big and change the game in the learning space. Driven by the kindness and selflessness exhibited by our target audience, we set out to create a service that this group deserves. Learning is one of the highest value, yet lowest supported functions at any organization. It’s the glue that moves a company to its future, driving positive change, career fulfillment, and self-actualization for all its team members. Yet, the process to create learning is still stuck in the past — it’s antiquated, manual, and inefficient.

Learnexus is creating a new category in learning & development by making building and delivering custom training as easy as a booking a hotel room online. Our marketplace matches companies of all sizes with rockstar training and industry-specific talent to build great learning experiences. 

Join our exceptional and growing team, as we re-imagine this $116B market with a category-defining product. We’re supported by a $5M seed round from top investors, including Lerer Hippeau, Good Friends (founders of Warby Parker, Allbirds, and Harry’s), and AirAngels. We’re also tracking on 100%+ MoM growth across several enterprise customers, including top Fortune 1000s and mid-size companies. 

Benefits & perks: Work from anywhere!

🌏   Work from anywhere! We’ve been 100% remote since Day 1.

💵   Competitive salary and role trajectory. Roles, responsibilities, and comp grow as we do.

🏥   Medical, dental, vision. Fully funded, high-quality health, dental, vision, and company-sponsored 401(k) coverage.

🌴   Flexible schedules and paid time off, with a culture of taking time off to recharge.

💝   Heart-centered wellness coaching for all departments.

🎉   A super fun culture, with company-wide celebrations and remote happy hours.

Team & culture

We are a home for the creatively bold, championing new ways of looking at the world, both in and out of the office (our CEO has produced music, our Head of Product is a dancer and filmmaker, and our CTO is an amateur chef!). You’ll sense an upbeat energy and spirit in working with us, and find us to be authentic, happy, productive, fun, loyal, accepting, and results-driven.


Diverse, distributed, and global from the beginning, we mastered a flexible lifestyle and the work-from-anywhere paradigm before it became a “thing” during the pandemic. P.S. We love to laugh!

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