Unlocking eLearning Success: Key Questions to Ask Your SME

Jamie Smith
L&D Specialist
Unlocking eLearning Success: Key Questions to Ask Your SME

Imagine a world where you’ve just been handed the responsibility of creating an eLearning project for your company. You’re excited, but also apprehensive. After all, it’s crucial to get the content just right, and for that, you’ll rely on your Subject Matter Expert (SME). Where do you begin? Lucky for you, we’re here to guide you with the key questions to ask your SME before your next eLearning project.

1. What are the specific learning objectives of this project?

Start by discussing the learning objectives with your SME. This will ensure that the content aligns with the goals of the project and meets the needs of the learners. As one L&D professional wisely said, “A clear learning objective is the foundation of a successful eLearning course.”

2. Who is the target audience?

Understanding the target audience is essential for creating content that resonates with them. Are they new hires or experienced employees? What is their level of expertise in the subject matter? Knowing your audience will help your SME tailor the content to engage and educate them effectively.

3. What are the most common misconceptions or challenges in this subject area?

Identify potential misconceptions or challenges that learners may face in the subject area. This information will allow you to address these issues head-on, making the content more accessible and fostering a deeper understanding of the topic. One L&D expert shared, “Addressing misconceptions in the content can be the difference between learners grasping the concept or struggling with it.”

4. What resources or materials can you provide to support the content development process?

Ask your SME for any existing resources or materials that can be leveraged for the eLearning project. This might include presentations, articles, or videos. These resources can save time, ensure accuracy, and provide valuable context for the content.

5. How will we measure the success of this project?

Discuss with your SME the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will be used to gauge the success of the eLearning project. These can include completion rates, assessment scores, and post-course evaluations. Establishing these KPIs early on will help you design content that drives meaningful results.

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