Unlock the Power of Surprise: Boost Employee Engagement in Online Training

Thomas Bril
L&D Specialist
Unlock the Power of Surprise: Boost Employee Engagement in Online Training

Picture this: you’re mid-way through an online training course and suddenly, a celebrity cameo appears. You’re caught off guard, but you’re also intrigued. This is the power of surprise in online training. When used effectively, surprise can improve employee engagement and create a memorable learning experience. In this post, we will explore some key tips to harness the element of surprise in your online training program, leading to better employee engagement and, ultimately, better results.

1. Unexpected content formats

Surprise your employees by incorporating unexpected content formats into your training program. Mix up traditional presentations with videos, interactive quizzes, and even virtual reality. An L&D professional once said, “Switching up content formats keeps things interesting and helps learners retain information better.” So, go ahead and break the mold with new and innovative content formats that will take your training to the next level.

2. Gamification

Introduce the element of surprise through gamification. Transform your training program into a game where employees collect points, compete with peers, and unlock rewards. Gamification creates a sense of fun and adds an element of unpredictability to the learning experience. An L&D expert stated, “Gamification not only improves engagement but also helps in better knowledge retention.” So, make learning exciting by incorporating gaming elements into your online training.

3. Personalized learning paths

Customize training content based on each employee’s unique needs and learning styles. This creates a sense of surprise and anticipation as employees uncover new content tailored to their specific needs. A learning specialist once mentioned, “Personalized learning paths lead to better engagement and help employees better apply the knowledge they gain.” So, invest in personalized learning experiences to increase overall employee engagement.

4. Real-time feedback and support

Offer real-time feedback and support during the training sessions to catch employees off guard and help them stay engaged. An L&D professional suggested, “Instant feedback and support not only encourages employees to perform better but also promotes a deeper understanding of the training materials.” By incorporating real-time feedback, you’ll create a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

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