Unleashing the Secret Power of LD Professionals: The Consultant’s Mindset

Thomas Bril
L&D Specialist
Unleashing the Secret Power of LD Professionals: The Consultant’s Mindset

Imagine if there was a hidden power within learning and development professionals that could transform the way we approach our work – a secret weapon that, once tapped into, would unlock new levels of performance and impact for Fortune 500 employees. Sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s not. That secret power is the ability to leverage a consultant’s mindset and expertise to amplify your L&D efforts.

Why Consultants are the Secret Power

Consultants bring a unique perspective to the table: they offer objective, specialized, and often, data-driven insights into an organization’s challenges and opportunities. By adopting a consultant’s mindset, L&D professionals can elevate their internal credibility, influence, and results. Here are three key reasons why:

1. A fresh, unbiased perspective

Consultants are not attached to the organization’s history, politics, or culture. This objectivity allows them to see things that might be easily overlooked by internal stakeholders. One L&D professional shared, ‘By approaching my work like a consultant, I was able to identify opportunities for improvement that no one else saw.’

2. A specialized skill set

Consultants possess specific, refined skills that are often not found within an organization. They can draw on their expertise and experience to provide unique value to an organization’s L&D efforts. ‘As a consultant, I bring a depth of knowledge and experience that helps me create meaningful learning experiences for my clients,’ said one L&D consultant.

3. A focus on results

Consultants are outcome-driven and are motivated by delivering tangible, measurable results for organizations. By focusing on the outcomes they drive, L&D professionals can ensure their initiatives have a lasting impact. ‘Adopting a consultant’s mentality has allowed me to focus on what really matters: the impact of my work on the business,’ shared another L&D professional.

Examples of the Secret Power in Action

Here are two real-world examples of how adopting a consultant’s mindset can lead to better results:

Example 1: Streamlining Onboarding

An L&D professional at a Fortune 500 company noticed that their onboarding process was inefficient and outdated. By using a consultant’s objective lens, they were able to make impactful changes that reduced onboarding time by 40% and improved employee retention.

Example 2: Enhancing Sales Training

At another organization, an L&D professional recognized the need to revamp their sales training. By leveraging their consultant-like expertise, they redesigned the training program to be more engaging and focused on the specific needs of their sales team, ultimately driving an increase in revenue.

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