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The Perfect Recipe for Successful Onboarding: Mixing the Right Ingredients in Learning & Development

by Learnexus

Imagine a world where bringing new employees into your company felt like welcoming long-lost friends to a dinner party. Everyone is excited to be there, they already feel at home, and the conversation flows effortlessly. The key to creating this harmonious environment is a top-notch onboarding process, with just the right mix of ingredients. As any chef knows, the secret lies in getting the numbers right.

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Let’s dive into the best onboarding ingredients numbers and explore how they can make your new hire experience feel like a Michelin-starred feast.

1. 4 C’s of Onboarding: Culture, Connection, Clarity, and Compliance

One L&D professional at a Fortune 500 company says, “You need to think about onboarding as a recipe for success. It’s about combining the right elements in the right order.” Incorporating the 4 C’s into your onboarding process is essential:

  • Culture: Make sure new hires understand your company’s vision, values, and mission from the start. Share stories and examples that showcase your culture in action.
  • Connection: Encourage relationship-building among peers, managers, and mentors. Provide ample opportunities for socialization and networking.
  • Clarity: Clearly communicate expectations, job responsibilities, and performance goals. Offer a comprehensive overview of tools, resources, and systems to set new hires up for success.
  • Compliance: Cover all legal and procedural requirements and ensure new employees are aware of company policies, procedures, and standards.

2. The Perfect Blend: 70/20/10 Learning Model

To achieve a well-rounded onboarding experience, apply the 70/20/10 learning model to your training initiatives:

  • 70% of learning comes from on-the-job experiences, such as tackling real-world challenges and learning from mistakes.
  • 20% of learning comes from social interactions, like coaching, mentoring, and collaboration with colleagues.
  • 10% of learning comes from formal training, which includes instructor-led sessions, e-learning courses, and workshops.

“By leveraging this formula, we’ve seen a significant increase in new hire engagement and productivity,” shares one L&D manager from a leading tech company.

3. Timing is Everything: The Rule of 3

Don’t try to cram everything into the first day or week. Instead, use the Rule of 3:

  • First day: Cover the essentials, like workplace orientation, introductions, and company culture. The goal is to make new hires feel welcome and excited.
  • First month: Dive deeper into job-specific training, performance expectations, and collaboration with team members. Encourage regular check-ins with managers and peers.
  • First 90 days: Focus on continuous learning, professional development, and goal setting, while establishing strong connections with mentors and colleagues.

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