Scaling the Summit: Overcoming Obstacles in eLearning for Adults

Kyle Rober
Kyle Rober
Training Specialist
Scaling the Summit: Overcoming Obstacles in eLearning for Adults

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Imagine you’re standing at the base of a mountain, staring up at its summit, and you’re convinced that reaching the top is an insurmountable task. But like a seasoned climber, you know that with the right tools, preparation, and support, you can scale even the most daunting peaks. The same is true for overcoming obstacles in eLearning for adults. With strategic planning and a growth mindset, you can break through the barriers that stand between you and your professional development.

From time constraints to technology issues, eLearning presents a unique set of challenges for adult learners. However, by focusing on three key areas – motivation, flexibility, and support – you can conquer these obstacles and unlock the full potential of eLearning experiences.

Motivation: Find Your ‘Why’

When it comes to adult learning, motivation is crucial. Many professionals juggle work, family, and personal commitments, making it difficult to prioritize learning. As one L&D professional explains, “When you understand the ‘why’ behind your learning journey, you’re more likely to stick with it and overcome challenges.”

To find your ‘why,’ start by identifying your goals and aligning them with your personal values. By connecting your learning objectives to your passions and aspirations, you’ll create a strong foundation for success in eLearning.

Flexibility: Customize Your Learning Experience

One of the primary obstacles to eLearning for adults is the lack of flexibility in traditional programs. But with the vast array of online courses and resources available today, you can customize your learning experience to fit your unique needs and schedule.

An L&D professional suggests, “Leveraging technology and embracing a self-directed approach can help adult learners overcome barriers and achieve their goals.” Consider using digital tools such as mobile apps, interactive modules, and virtual classrooms to create a flexible learning environment that accommodates your busy schedule.

Support: Build A Network of Encouragement

Another common challenge in eLearning for adults is the absence of support. Although online learning environments offer convenience and accessibility, they can also be isolating. To overcome this, build a network of encouragement by connecting with peers, mentors, and experts in your field.

“Having a support system can make all the difference,” says one L&D professional. “Sharing resources, exchanging ideas, and celebrating successes with others can provide the motivation and inspiration needed to stay committed to your eLearning journey.”

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