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Improved Training Effectiveness by 25% with Learnexus Freelancers

A leading pharmaceutical company faced the challenge of ensuring training effectiveness across their diverse teams. They turned to Learnexus and hired a team of freelancers who specialized in instructional design and training delivery. The freelancers worked closely with the company's training managers to develop and deliver customized training programs tailored to the specific needs of each department.

The team of freelancers utilized their expertise to design interactive e-learning modules, conduct virtual instructor-led training sessions, and create engaging training materials. They also implemented a robust tracking and measurement system to evaluate the impact of the training on employee performance and productivity.

The results were remarkable:

  • Training effectiveness improved by 25%, as measured through post-training assessments and performance evaluations.
  • Employee satisfaction with the training increased by 30%, with participants reporting higher engagement and knowledge retention.
  • Overall training costs were reduced by 15% due to the efficient use of freelancer resources and the elimination of unnecessary third-party vendors.

25% better training effectiveness

30% higher employee satisfaction
15% reduced training costs

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